Internships and new graduates

Internship Applications for 2018

Please see below for further information about our internship programme.

Internships tend to be focused in our Research Department and our Investment Strategy Team, with students favouring either a quantitative or fundamental internship based on their studies and interests. Additionally we offer internships in our Client Services Team and Operational areas and in the past we have also had places with our Compliance and Risk Team.

Our internship programme provides general training about currency management and the opportunity to focus on one or two dedicated projects within your internship. During your time at Record you will become a valuable member of the department in which you are working. You will have a personal mentor who will assist you with the projects that you work on. These projects will be intellectually challenging and you will have responsibility for projects that will contribute to ongoing work within your department. At the end of your internship you will have the opportunity to present your findings to our Executive Committee.


We are currently accepting applications for our summer 2018 internship programme with a closing date of 5 January 2018. If you wish to apply please send your CV to

Following the closing date you will be contacted by a member of the HR team who will discuss the next stages of the application process.

If you have any questions about the internship program then please email or call 01753 852222 and ask to speak with a member of the HR team.

Graduate Recruitment

We currently have vacancies in a number of our operational departments. If you would be interested in finding out more, please send your Curriculum Vitae with a covering letter by e-mail to


Freddie Illingworth on his internship at Record in 2015: “I spent six weeks in an internship with Record during the summer of 2015 after my first year of a maths degree at Cambridge University. While I worked mainly with the quantitative research team, I got to learn about all parts of the business through the many inductions that are organised and by being part of what is a very open and friendly office.

My work was both interesting and engaging – I knew almost nothing about the area before I started and by the end had learnt a lot including programming in R having never programmed before. Everyone is very willing to help and do not assume too much knowledge so you are never dropped in at the deep end.

The office has a fun, almost family, atmosphere which allows you to talk to some of the most experienced people in the industry as well as have a laugh with colleagues.”

Daniel St-John Hall on his internship at Record: "I interned at Record during the summer of 2013, having already finished my studies in Mathematics at Cardiff. The interview process was very enjoyable and engaging, with my interviewers ranging from human resources to quantitative research. Most of the quant interview was spent on mathematical brain teasers, while the human resources interview was more to do with my experience at university and previous work.

I was placed in quantitative research, with my main project focusing on emerging market debt but with a wide variety of other tasks to keep me busy during my time in research. The internship was full of opportunities to independently learn, but with the support from the rest of the quant team so as to shape the newly acquired knowledge into something applicable.

One of the unique things about the Record internship is the high level of communication that interns have with the executive committee. The ability to talk to any of the executives at such a junior level is incredibly helpful for understanding the workings of the company, as well as just very interesting.

The programme is also very flexible with regards to post-internship employment. Even though my internship was in research, Record was kind enough to offer me a job in a different department as they wanted to keep me on but weren't able to do so in research.
Even if the internship does not result in a full job offer, Record to work hard to keep in contact with their old interns, many of whom come back for the annual Record intern dinner. Overall I'd highly recommend a Record internship, as even if you don't have experience in currency management, but have an interest and are willing to learn, they will do their best to teach you everything you want to know"

Daniel St-John Hall

Sebastian Farquhar on his internship at Record:  "I interned at Record during the summer of my second year as a Physics and Philosophy student at Oxford. I applied in the wake of the round of presentations Record holds at Balliol every year. I prepared for the interview by researching the company, working out what it did and how it did it. The company website is very useful for that, and talking to previous interns helped too. The interviews were lighthearted and enjoyable; we talked about the financial crisis, about my own experiences, and about automated trading strategies.

I was placed in Quantitative Research and my day to day tasks at the company were relatively varied. I worked on several projects during my internship. One of them was to produce a statistical analysis of historical currency prices to evaluate the extent to which they followed a random walk and discover the ways in which they did not. This meant interpreting the data to put together a presentation which I gave to the Executive committee. It attempted to condense the hundreds of results I got into an overarching message and an indication of how it might shape the trading algorithms the company will use in the future

The team is very friendly and supportive, and is always ready to have a chat about things both currency and non-currency related! One unique thing about Record is that they don't forget about you just because you aren't in their office anymore. Many of the interns keep working for Record on a consulting basis at University, and if you work hard, they work hard to bring you back"

Diana Ples on her internship at Record:  "The Record internship scheme is unique because it offers the opportunity to learn from the most senior people in the business on a daily basis. The work was engaging and the atmosphere in the company is friendly"







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